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National brands supply co-op advertising dollars to encourage local dealers/retailers to promote these brands in their respective local markets.
  • This allows local advertisers the opportunity to tie in with national creative ad campaigns at a nominal cost.
  • Co-op ads insure that consumers looking for a particular brand will consider doing business with the local advertiser that is featuring the brand in an ad.
  • It means that the local advertiser will have a larger budget to work with, opening the door to more advertising possibilities and more sizable ad purchases.
Sales reps are faced with ever-increasing goals and co-op programs help by enhancing the advertisers’ budgets in order to meet and surpass those goals.
  • Co-op dollars can be viewed by local advertisers as additional funds otherwise not available that will allow them to drive more leads for less money.
  • The advertiser can be encouraged to use these co-op funds to increase their ad purchase.
  • Co-op can allow the rep to become a better, more trusted consultant which aids in retention and the reduction of churn.
  • Increased ad budgets mean increased commissions for sales reps.
Co-op should be a customer service which every publisher offers, although unlike others, it has some direct, measurable benefits.
  • Brand names and artwork may be just what a shopper is looking for. Co-op requires that this branding be used making the ads and publisher’s content inherently more valuable.
  • Increased advertiser budgets result in greater revenues for the publisher.
  • Sales reps who can meet their goals and make more money due to co-op are likely to be happier employees.
Co-op advertising is a fast track for brands to boost their “local” presence.
  • Co-op advertising helps to drive brand recognition, awareness and demand at the local level.
  • Saves time and effort that would be needed to develop and execute local ad campaigns in hundreds or even thousands of locations across the country.
  • Helps brands save money by sharing costs with local businesses on advertising, while at the same time delivering consistent messaging.

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